Book: Captive Care of the Central Netted Dragon

The essential resource for Central Netted Dragon owners!  124 pages of useful information, modern, easy to read layout and full colour photographs.

Central Netted Dragons have specific captive care requirements.  This book covers all areas of captive husbandry from Lighting & Heating to Breeding and much more.

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Chapters include:

  • Habitat
  • Handling
  • Housing & Cleaning
  • Lighting & Heating
  • Brumation
  • Optimum enclosure Setup
  • Feeding
  • Bathing & Sloughling
  • Breeding
  • Health & Diseases
  • Australian National Parks & Wildlife Directory
  • Record Keeping Data Template


With increasing inner city living restricting the amount or variety of traditional pets, reptiles represent a good alternative. Central Netted Dragons are fairly robust, having a few basic needs such as good lighting and heating. Once these requirements are met, anyone can own and raise these dragons – they are an excellent species to have as a first reptile. Continued interaction with them can bring much joy and pleasure.

Finally there is a book available dealing exclusively with the captive care and management of Central Netted Dragons. Shannon has compiled a comprehensive and informative book detailing the requirements for good husbandry. She has translated her passion into a remarkable work based on her experience as a Central Netted Dragon owner. This is supported by in-depth research into all aspects of these dragons.

As a Veterinarian I highly recommend this book to first time owners and experienced reptile keepers alike. The easy to understand layout is complemented by Shannon’s outstanding photographic images. Enjoy!

Dr Gillian Hudson BVSc

Ready to get the essential resource for keepers and carers of Central Netted Dragons – ready for immediate download here!

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